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Pickling And Passivation

Pickling paste used to remove the black oxide marks of burn seal left during welding of Stainless Steel. Also pickling chemical descaling is typically used to remove oxide layers resulting from welding heat trating and other high temperature operation.

All of these oxide layers rust a spot are generally referred to as ‘scale’ and must be removed prier to electropolishing or passivating, sometime old buffed s.s. equipment rusting by oxidation during process we used our chemical for remove oxide scale and maintain as semi bright buff finish without mechanical polishing . Pickling is sometimes referred to as Acid whishing.

Metal Pickling is a process intended to dissolve heavy oxides and contaminates, and remove the effects that real-world handling has on the surface of stainless steel. The real-world fabrication, welding and handling of stainless steel components will leave surface contaminates. These contaminates, which may include weld oxides, scale and embedded particles, will hinder stainless steel’s natural ability to resist corrosion.

An acid-based solution referred to as pickle liquor is used to clean and remove scaling from the steel during the fabrication process.

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