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Paste Kettles

The Paste Kettle is semi-spherical stainless steel jacked bowl (with glass insulation) having two shaft extensions in opposite direction, which are mounted in pedestrail bearing blocks.

On the shaft extension, the perfect manual tilting mechanism is provided o collect the product by tilting the bowl. Water or suitable liquid is heated inside the paste kettle and after getting proper temperature by the liquid, starch or other binders added to prepare the proper paste & the same is used for further Granulation process equipments like Mass Mixer, RMG, FBD ect. Steam or Electrical heating system can be provided as per the users requirement. Inside surface of the Kettle is mirror polished & outside matt/mirror finish.

Applications: For preparation of uniform paste by stirring / mixing of products

  • Film coating with organic solvent
  • Film coating with aqueous coating
  • Sugar coating
CAPACITY AVAILABLE 25 to 250 litres

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