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Manufacturers of Stainless Steel Equipments & Machineries for Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Food & Dairy & Packaging Industries (An ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company)
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Electro and Mechanical Polishing

There are two types of Electropolishing facility.:

  • Direct electropolishing
  • Electropolishing after mechanical polishing

Commercial applications for electropolishing have been in use since the early 1960's. Electropolishing is a process by which metal is removed from a work piece by passage of electric current while the work is submerged in a specially-designed solution.

What is Mechanical Polishing

Mechanical Polishing / Buffing are finishing Process for smoothing a work piece surface to achieve "RA" Value by using multiple tools & wheels with finishing products at multi stages.

A Common Misconception is that a polished surface has a mirror bright finish, however most mirror bright finishes are actually buffed. Mechanical Polishingis often used to enhance the looks of an item, Prevent contamination of medical instruments, Improve "RA" Value, Remove oxidation, Create a reflective surface or Prevent corrosion in any stainless steel surface.

We are on of the leading service provider in Mechanical Polishing in Gujarat, India

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